Über Maximo Simon;

About Maximo Simon;

"Kunst bewegt. Kunst bringt Emotionen zum tragen".

Art by Maximo

"Art moves. Art brings emotions to life".

Art by Maximo


Maximo Simon schafft fließende und strukturierte Kunstwerke. Er taucht in die Materie ein und lässt sich emotional durch die Texturen und chemischen Prozesse führen. Sein Ziel ist es, Emotionen in den Augen des Betrachters zu wecken. Er mag die unterschiedlichen haptischen und sinnlichen Gefühle der Materialien und bringt diese auf begrenztem Raum zu einem Werk zusammen. Bei seiner Arbeit lässt er sich auch vom japanischen Motto „Wabi-Sabi inspirieren. Es bedeutet die Liebe zur Unvollkommenheit, Unbeständigkeit und Unregelmäßigkeit der Natur.

Seine Werke thematisieren die Veränderungen und die Faszination der Natur und beziehen sich auf das Bewusstsein zur Umwelt.. Dabei verfolgt er umweltbewusste Ansätze wie die Serie «Fire» und «Australian Desert Ground» die sich auf die Austrocknung der Erde und das Signal von Buschbränden bezieht. Für ihn hat die Natur auch seine eigene Körpersprache. Zudem sind ihm Strukturen in seinen Bildern wichtig. Diese zeigen die Fragilität, aber auch die Stärke des Lebens und die Vielfalt der Natur auf.

Maximo Simon hat bereits in New York City, Venedig, Bern und Zürich ausgestellt. Seine Werke sind im Sommer & Herbst 2022 zudem in einem Kunstmuseum in Chongqing zu besuchen. Er ist auch an Kunstmessen – unter anderem an der International Art Fair Lausanne – vertreten. Sein letzter Auftrag erhielt er von der Five Global Holding aus Dubai, wo Maximo Simon ein Kunst- Auftrag für ein geplantes 5***** Luxushotel in Zürich umsetzt. Im 01.2021 wurde er von der It’s Liquid Group zum «Künstler des Monats» gewählt.

Maximo Simon creates flowing and structured works of art. He immerses himself in the matter and lets himself be guided emotionally through the textures and chemical processes. His goal is to arouse emotions in the eyes of the viewer. He likes the different haptic and sensual feelings of the materials and brings them together in a limited space to create a work. His work is also inspired by the Japanese motto "Wabi-Sabi". It signifies the love for the imperfection, impermanence and irregularity of nature.

His works address the changes and fascination of nature and relate to environmental awareness. He pursues environmentally conscious approaches such as the series "Fire" and "Australian Desert Ground", which refers to the drying up of the earth and the signal of bush fires. For him, nature has also its own body language. Also are structures in his pictures important to him. These show the fragility, but also the strength of life and the diversity of nature.

Maximo Simon has exhibited in New York City, Venice, Bern and Zurich. His works can also be seen in an art museum in Chongqing in Sommer and autumn 2022. He is also represented at art fairs, including the International Art Fair Lausanne. He received his last commission from Five Global Holding from Dubai, where Maximo Simon is implementing an art commission for a planned 5***** luxury hotel in Zurich. In January 2021 he was voted "Artist of the Month" by It's Liquid Group.




several art fairs in northern Italy with context art gallery, Venice

Fondazione Amedeo Modigliani

"Modigliani Opera Vision" Box 18 during Biennale di Venezia 2022

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Venice/ Italy, 09/22

Pashmin Art Gallery, Hamburg

Hong Art Museum, Chongqing

"Honor 50+ Years Of Sino-European Cultural Exchange”

Chongqing/ China, 07/22 - 09/22

ArtMuc - International Art Fair Munich

presented by: Gallery kunst zürich süd

Munich/ Germany, 05/22

Galerie Roland Neuhaus

"Solo Exhibition: Nature Changes"

Bern/ Switzerland, 04/22

International Art Fair Lausanne

presented by: Gallery kunst zürich süd

Lausanne/ Switzerland, 09/21 – 10/21

Praxis Dr. Walther

"Rent Away"

Bern/ Switzerland, 07/21 – open


"Nachtschicht21 at Festival Days"

Chur/ Switzerland, 05/21

The Virtual Artists

“Art for Art’s Sake Vol. 5”

Essex/ United Kingdom, 04/21 – 05/21

It’s Liquid International Art Exhibition

in the Gallery: "The Room Contemporary Art Space"

“The Body Language”

Venice/ Italy, 03/21 – 04/21

The Visionary Projects

“The Era of Change, Curated Selection”

New York City/ USA, 01/21 – 02/21

Artbox Project

in the Gallery: Urbanside Gallery

“Project World 1.0”

Zürich/ Switzerland, 01/21 – 03/21

Praxis am Neuhausplatz

"Rent Away"

Bern/ Switzerland, 11/20 – 05/21

Art Talents - Art Market

Zürich/ Switzerland, 10/20

It’s Liquid Group, Venice/ Italy

Artist of the Month January 2021

Luxembourg Art Prize, Stad Lëtzebuerg/Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

Certificate from the Artistic Commission 2021

Description - The museum awards a certificate of artistic merit issued for the year of participation to all artists who deserve recognition based on qualitative criteria. The purpose of the certificate is to give participating artists, whose artistic merit and talent particularly stand out, official recognition by a museum.

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Interview by It’s Liquid Group, Venice/ Italy


Interview by Art Columnist Ümmühan Kazanç

from All-In-Line Interior Design, Hamburg/Germany



All-In-Line Hamburg/ Deutschland

ist eine Home Interior Firma die sich auf Design und hochwertige Möbel spezialisiert. Maximo bietet in Zusammenarbeit passende Kunstwerke an.

All-In-Line Hamburg/ Germany

is a home interior company specializing in design and high end furniture products. Maximo offers suitable works of art in collaboration.


Special Customers

and Commissions

Five Global Holdings, Dubai/ VAE

ist Inhaber einer 5***** Sterne Luxushotelkette in Dubai & Zürich. Art by Maximo kreierte Kunstwerke für das Luxus - Hotel FIVE Zurich.

Five Global Holdings, Dubai/ UAE

is owner of several 5***** Star luxury hotels in Dubai & Zürich.

Art by Maximo made artworks for the Luxury - Hotel FIVE Zurich.



Art by maximo




Its Liquid Group, Venice (Italy)

Interview: Simon Walther

Luca Curci talks with Simon Walther , one of the winners of ARTIST OF THE MONTH – JANUARY 2021.

As a child, I tried drawing and painting. I can still remember that my parents hung up all the drawings in the apartment and turned them into a large poster wall. When I was at school I took design courses and in 2001 I painted the Arc de Triumph on canvas for the first time. After rediscovering art and painting for myself in 2018, I paint with pouring media, structure pastes and use various aids. I am fascinated by the different consistencies of the colors. Abstract art frees me and is fun. The perfect way to «switch off». I let myself be seduced by the materials and colors and am happy about the chemical reactions. Abstract art is not easy. Walking the tightrope between too much and too little, between boredom and highlight or between too much or too little color mixture is a challenge and does not correspond to the cliché that everyone can tip color on the picture. Again and again I distance myself from the picture in order to reevaluate proportions, golden cuts or harmony. Sometimes all it takes is a touch of color to change the way the image looks. Since I am versatile, so are my pictures. Sometimes I paint somber, sometimes colorful and then again with neon colors – as varied as life is.

Simonwalther 002

Image courtesy of Simon Walther

Luca Curci – What is art for you?

Simon Walther – Art is like breathing in and out. It is important to regenerate me. I like being mindful with it. Art drives society forward and can open up new perspectives. Art should and is inspire.

LC – What’s your background? What is the experience that has influenced your work the most?

SW – I work in social affairs and have many encounters with people. These certainly help to go through life mindfully. it may sound boring, but I take my inspiration from nature and from my cultural journeys through the world. Yes, the world inspires me to do so. I’ve also been incredibly keen on colors since I was a child. For me, colors are a wonder of the world. A matter that pulls me under its spell.

Simonwalther 003

Image courtesy of Simon Walther

LC – Which is the role the artist plays in the society? And contemporary art?

SW – Artists create new incentives and material for discussion. They may inspire society or bring new concepts and ways of thinking. For me, modern art stands for porgessiveness, banality, humor and emotionality. Express yourself.

LC – How would you describe your style?

SW – I work on different materials. At the moment I’m working in fluid art. I try to find the balance in a picture with few resources. I always ask myself whether the printout is complete or whether there are still more facets needed in the picture. Finishing work at the right time is probably the challenge for all artists. I also take up the Japanese motto of “Wabi-Sabi”. It is in my nature to pursue the impervious to real nature. I paint in a modern, emotional way and want to bring feelings into rooms with my objects. So that each person takes time for themselves and opens up emotionally on the inside.

Simonwalther 004

Image courtesy of Simon Walther

LC – Did your style change over the years? In which way?

SW – Yes of course. I think I now paint in a reduced way and use materials more consciously. I suspect the compositions and layers in a picture are deeper.

LC – How do you feel when you see your work completed?

SW – When I see the work finished, I’m sometimes surprised how it came out of one piece. Sometimes I don’t like the pictures either and it drives me crazy until finally a finished piece is in front of you. Then sometimes I’m happy to have finally achieved my goal. So it can be suffering, but it can also bring a lot of joy.